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Club nights and swim meets are an opportunity for your swimmer to put what they have been learning in training into practice. They are not just for “top” swimmers but are designed – especially at the earlier levels – for swimmers of all ages to have fun and enjoy getting faster together with their mates.

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Club Nights & Competiton Information.



WSC Club Nights are a fun, pressure free way for swimmers of all levels & ages to get into competing. Club Nights are run monthly year-round on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Swimmers will be placed into a team for the season when they first attend a Club Night, where they are placed under the guidance of their senior squad team leaders. Along with the club’s coaches, the senior team leaders are there to help swimmers navigate their first swims in a competition environment. Each week includes a selection of races for swimmers to enter, as well as a “novelty” (read: “silly”) event and team relay which contribute toward team points and help build club camaraderie.


It should be stressed that Club Nights, and indeed the vast majority of junior (12&U) meets, are not about “speed” in the traditional sense. For juniors & newer swimmers, it is about coming along and having a good time with their swim club buddies. Whilst growing swimmers will PB on a regular basis, this is not a coach’s main concern with this age group, for reasons outlined previously in the training session information section.


Once comfortable with Club Nights and the basics of racing, we look to introduce swimmers to meets which are open to other clubs. Here they will race swimmers based on their current PB time which they have gained at a Club Night. Success and comfort at those meets then leads to a step up to regional and potentially national championship competitions as they continue to develop. Even as they progress through these levels, it is important to stress that fun in both their training and racing remains paramount to their continuation in & enjoyment of the sport.

More detailed information can be found in our WSC Handbook

View our live squad timetable at Events Calendar


What does my swimmer need to bring to a swim meet?

Is it your swimmer’s first meet? Are they a bit on the forgetful side? Have them double check that they’ve got the below items packed before setting off for the pool:

  • Togs

  • Towels (minimum of two)

  • Googles (& a spare pair)

  • WSC Swim Cap

  • Water Bottle

  • Food/Snacks (enough to stay fuelled for the meet’s duration)

  • Warm Clothes/Jacket

“Help! My swimmer doesn’t have a time!”

If your child would like to enter an event they do not yet have a time for, please let your swimmers’ coach know. They will typically be able to enter a time manually which will be counted as the swimmers’ seed time (entry time). There are exceptions to this depending on the meet, so please discuss with a coach before entering. 

“Which/how many races should my swimmer enter?”

This varies wildly depending on the squad and age of your swimmer as well as the significance of the meet. For target meets, coaches may provide recommendations for which events your child should enter. These will take into account things such as event spacing, time since last PB, and what the squad has been working on in training, but it is ultimately up to your swimmer as to which events they would like to enter. Coaches are always happy to discuss entries and recommendations should you or your swimmer have any questions.


“When should my swimmer start racing?”

If your swimmer is brand new to the club – be that from LTS, club transfer or other means – it is best to give them a period to settle in and get comfortable with their coaches & squadmates before looking at entering competitions. Once they are comfortable in their new training environment, discuss with your swimmer’s coach about beginning Club Nights.


“My swimmer doesn’t want to race, what shall I do?”

This is not an issue – the club has many members, junior and senior alike – who are non-competitive for a range of reasons. Members may be new to the club & not yet settled in, or may have swimming as a second/supplemental sport. Whilst it is always encouraged, taking the competitive swimming route is not a requirement of being a club member. Non-competitive swimmers are still eligible to & encouraged to enter and race at our fun filled Club Nights.

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